A. The UNCRD is organizing 8th Regional 3R Forum in India in association with Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Govt. of India and Ministry of Environment, Govt. of Japan. The theme of 8th regional 3R Forum is:

“Achieving Clean Water, Clean Land and Clean Air through 3R and Resource Efficiency – A 21st Century Vision for Asia – Pacific Communities”.

B. It is highlighted that over the years, the 3R Forum has grown in size and its relevance. The organization of 8th forum in India is proposed in consideration of following initiatives by Govt. of India.

  • India’s National Manufacturing Policy, which focuses on promotion and adoption of Green technologies and Green manufacturing focus on MSMEs.
  • Government of India has embarked upon an initiative of creating 100 smart cities across the country and waste management & resource conservation are significant part of this important initiative.
  • Government of India is in process of finalizing national goals under UN’s sustainable development goals.
  • Government of India has promoted the concept of Zero Effect Zero Defect Effect in order to achieve Green economic growth.
  • Government of India has emphasized focus on Development of MSMEs and making them competitive and sustainable in order to achieve increased economic growth in manufacturing sector.

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